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HQ – Offshore software developers

For those individuals and companies who want to fully understand and implement a true cross-platform software development solution, one really has to look no further than HQSoftware Lab[i]. They are an extremely client focused technology driven software consulting and development firm.

This company is a offshore software developers firm like no other. Their core competency strengths as a custom application development services firm will never cease to amaze any company that engages with them.

Their specialty is creating software platform solutions where all others have failed to produce the seamless integration across the web, mobile, and desktop platforms. The problem of partnering with hardware devices with cross-platform software across the globe has been their focus since operations starting in 2001.

To appreciate the scope and diversity of their service we will discuss a few of the solutions found on their own website. When airline customers wanted to travel, they, of course, would bring a myriad of different devices on board the flight. These clients wanted to be able to have access to TV programs, Hotel and Car Rental Services, maybe some Video or Movies on Demand. And also HQ is the company Internet of things servicesJust to name a few. HQSoftware Lab was the company that created the platform to enable all the various hardware devices to work across the software provider of the services with transparency and ease of access.

When it comes to financial institutions needing to work across the globe, for example, a foreign exchange platform HQSoftware lab provided the solution. The problem would be various financial institutions, broker-dealers at the retail level and even banks to be able to have multiple trading and liquidity management tools.

At issue was being able to give these diverse clients on diverse platforms access to great groups of liquidity at very high speeds and do it with complete transparency for the benefit of the clients and their end customers. The development of their Caplin Web trading platform was the solution. It was a 2-year project and is an ongoing project as technology in the securities trading space is ever evolving.

These were just a few of the projects discussed on their website. In addition to their unique custom application development services, one of the other strong core competencies that jump out at me loud and clear was their IT professionals. You see, they do not just hire the IT Coders who have no customer centric focus. They hire IT professionals who are clearly people persons as well. They listen to what the customer needs and they come up with the platform solutions to meet those needs.

This is unique because almost every engineer or IT person we have ever met had no people skills. They only understood software development. To have a company that starts out bridging the gap between what the customers is saying and needing to the software technology solutions by the very IT coders who will create the solutions is quite frankly a breath of fresh air.

So if you are looking for a company to bridge the gap between your various software and hardware platforms, to bring you a true custom application development service then we will suggest that you contact HQSoftware.